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When is NextHop?

We dont know yet :D, tell us when works for you: When 2 Meet

What is NextHop?

NextHop is an interest group focused on exploring full stack network and systems security, administration, and implementation within the real world. By looking at business infrastructures as a whole, we can better observe and understand how information moves across networks and applications, and how different services and technologies are used to create secure computing environments.

Our interactive learning community is built on providing students access to ecosystems that mirror industry standard setups, that might otherwise be difficult to gain exposure to. Our Community Build-It and Hack-It Nights will provide such experiences, focusing on building up, and tearing into an implementation of relevant topics of the communities choosing. Students of any level are welcome to all events, we never expect preexisting skills other than a willingness to try and figure new things out.

In the coming weeks, we hope to fully publish our library of prebuilt labs, that cover topics ranging from the absolute fundamentals of networking, to implementing management applications, and creating complex network configurations.

In addition to meetings throughout the year, NextHop runs a competition, NSIC - Networking & Systems Infrastructure Competition, which will hopefully still occur in the coming spring.

Join us in our Workplace group in the meantime, which is where we will announce information as we get things adjusted and published to fit our new community.

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